System design for rockfall monitoring

ImpactSentinel permanently monitors the safety status of protective nets and forwarns of danger if damaged. The impacts on a protective net during rockfall, landslides or muds are depending on the intensity of the impact: vibrations, shock-like movements  up to permanent deformations or cracking of the net in the extreme case.

Schema Schutznetz

Typical arrangement of the ImpactSentinel sensors in the rockfall protection net.

Sensors should increase the safety of railway operation. Therefore, they must be able to warn in time of potential dangers. Protective nets equipped with elctronic sensors combine the heavy duty protection function of the net with the smart monitoring function of the sensors.

ImpactSentinel sensors  can respond to vibrations and deformations once a critical value is  exceeded by sending a radio telegram to a nearby receiver with the identification address of  the sensor and the specific alarm information.The radio telegrams of all sensors are processed there in a data logger and sent with information about the extent of the event to a regional or supra-regional alarm center.

From there, it is then automatically intervened according to agreed alarms, e.g.trains are stopped, a traffic light blocks a route section or alarm signals are triggered.Optionally, video cameras can transmit images of the situation.

In defined local  situations and in the case of the temporary safeguarding, sensors are directly coupled to traffic lights and sirens via  switched output relais.





Base station



Control center

Sensor Funktion



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