You are responsible for the safety of roads, railway lines or community areas at the fire brigade, technical assistance or environmental protection. The timely reaction in the case of rockfall, muds, avalanches, floods, Natural hazards prevent traffic obstructions or even personal injury and material damage.

The HazardSentinel sensor system helps you with

  • Remote monitoring of risk areas, especially in cooperation with protective structures such as rockfall nets, barriers and dams
  • Alarm transmission of sensorsignals via mobile radio and internet
  • Danger minimization for serious damage events 
  • Ease of assembly because energy-self-sufficient and wireless
  • Economic: The economic system saves personnel, time and material.

HazardSentinel kunst

The HazardSentinel system consists of the combination of different sensors with a central module for recording the relevant data and the transmission of the sensor data.

A special highlight is the combination with ImpactSentinel radio sensors, which enable a fast construction of effective monitoring systems without the need for cabling. 2 reed lines, a 6-axis vibration and angle sensor as well as a temperature sensor in each ImpactSentinel sensor allow a variety of monitoring functions.

The autonomous power supply is ensured by a compact solar panel for the central module and self-sufficient sensors designed for 10 years


System Features

  • Compact HazardSentinel system with ImpactSentinel radio sensors
  • Mobile data transmission via TCP, configuration via SMS or TCP
  • Local alarm output for light and sound signal systems
  • Optional GPS position detection
  • Battery powered with 60W solar panel
  • Weatherproof control cabinet

Use for the monitoring of vibrations, movements and deformations in protective structures, rockfall nets and buildings
For measuring the water level
and much more


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