ImpactSentinel is a radio-based system for monitoring rockfall, muds and avalanches in protective nets and other areas of protection. It permanently monitors the state of the protection system and spontaneously alerts when certain thresholds are exceeded. An alarm is wireless transmitted to the command or monitoring centers within a few seconds via internet and SMS. Thus, in the case of danger, it is possible to react as quickly as possible: trains can be stopped, streets blocked or populated areas cleared.

ImpactSentinel has been developed for the monitoring and protection of e.g.roads - railways - transport structures - residential settlements - hydroelectric power stations - oil and gas pipelines.

ImpactSentinel saves effort on the regular monitoring of the protective structures and creates additional security for the user.
Qualified by functional test by the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL, Birmensdorf. In use, among others, at SBB (Switzerland), OEBB (Austria), QR (Australia), Scottish Railway (UK).

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