INGLAS Perimeter Sensors = IPS




The protection of buildings and infrastructure in natural events is gaining  importance

Number and severity of environmental damage such as storm devastation, flooding, rockfall and mud are increasing all over the world.
Direct and indirect causes include changes in environmental conditions, increasing population density even in heavily exposed regions, rising living standards, the vulnerability of complex technologies and cost pressures.

In addition to constructional protection systems, modern electronic sensor systems also effectively counter these threats.

Electronic monitoring of structures and buildings

INGLAS Perimeter sensors are a safety concept for electronic object monitoring and object protection. We use state-of-the-art wireless sensors to meet a wide range of monitoring tasks.This includes the alerting in real-time, pre-warnings and trend measurements

Our focus is the monitoring of

  • Protection nets against rockfall, muds and avalanches
  • Gaps in rock and cracks in buildings
  • Water levels of streams

Our technology is based on a platform concept:

  • Use of wireless sensors
  • Lifetime of operation
  • Robustness
  • Expandability

Our services:

  • Customer-oriented planning of natural hazards and structural sensors
  • Customer-friendly software
  • Training and installation support for the customer





2016 - Gotthard

With the opening of the new Gotthard tunnel, the rockfall protection nets were equipped  with ImpactSentinel sensors to secure the SBB (Swiss Railroad Company) access between Lugano and  Arth - Goldau




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