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System structure using the example of rock fall monitoring

ImpactSentinel monitors permanently the condition of guard nets and alarms in case of danger. The effect of rock falls, landslides or mudflows on a guard net are vibrations, abrupt movements to the point of lasting deformations or the crack of the net depending on the intensity of the action.

The aim of the sensors is to increase the safety of the railway system. Therefore, they must be able to caution against a possible accident in time. Guard nets assembled with sensors combine the protective function of the net with the monitoring function of the sensors. That enables to protect even highly frequented routes.

ImpactSentinel sensors are able to react on vibrations and deformations in case of transgression of a specific limiting value by transacting a radiogram with an identificational address of the sensor and the specific alarm information to a close by receiving station. The radiograms of all sensors are treated there in a data logger and sent to a regional or supraregional main office including information on the dimension of the action. From there, arranged alarm plans are operated automatically, as for example trains are brought to a stop, light signals shut a track section or alarm signals are activated. Video cameras can transact optionally pictures of the situation.

Sensors are connected directly with light signals and sirens in local solutions as the temporarily protection of
contract sites.



Sensor Funktion

abrupt movements

Schaltschrank Gurtnellen
Pfeil Pfeil

data logger


main office

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