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Hazard Sentinel records critical movements, impermissible structural changes and marginal exceeding in the building fabric:

  • Historical Buildings
    Surveillance of crack enlargements and tilts
  • Loaded roof constructions
    Detection and warning when the roof load is exceeded
  • Bridges
    Monitoring of stress and crack enlargements
  • Detection of cracks and crack enlargements in geology
  • Information on the danger of icing of roads
  • Water reservoirs, tanks
    Measuring fluid levels
  • Lifts, gondolas, pylons, marquees
    Measuring the wind load
  • Monitoring of loads
    (tilting, swinging, vibrations e.g. on container vessel)
  • Monitoring the soil moisture for proper irrigation 
  • Detection of flooding (e.g. in buildings, nature)
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Example of use

Automated measuring device for the determination of drag forces in a guard net during an avalanche (Palfau, 2007)

ProtectSentinel had to develop an electronic system with a very low power consumption for this application because of the lack of mains supply in the test side.

The use of solar cells and the only activation of the electronic system, and thus the data logging during the registration of an avalanche, solve the problem. Avalanches are recorded of HazardSentinel avalanche detectors a few seconds before the striking in the guard net. Additional, a video transmission is activated at the same time. The recording and the data transfer to the FTP-server ends after a specific period again. The data are readout and processed instantly in the university of Innsbruck.

avalanche guard net

force meter

avalanche detector

data logger

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