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06/30/2014 - Grossreifling / Styria

The Sentinel for Alpine Railway Traffic (SART) pilot installation was successfully commissioned and handed over to OEBB for trial operation.

SART is a research project for natural hazard warning which was jointly conducted on behalf of the Austrian research promotion agency and OEBB by a consortium led by INGLAS/ProtectSentinel (IPS) with Loughborough University (LBU) as partner. It combines an early warning of imminent slope slides with the detection of immediate jeopardy from debris moving onto the railway. The early warning is based on slope ALARMS detection method (www.slopealarms.com) developed by LBU which makes use of the acoustic emissions from a deforming slope for issue of warnings. The debris detection is accomplished by ImpactSentinel sensors of newest technology residing on a light fence in the slope line towards the railway. Whenever an impact on the fence is sensed, automated cameras take pictures of the scene and send them to the railway traffic control center.

For further information download the following publication:

SART-Publication (.pdf)


guard net with new ImpactSentinel sensors


detection fence with camera



14/11/2012 - Gotthard

The ImpactSentinel warning system of natural hazards worked perfectly: The rock fall activated an automatic alarm, which stopped the arriving trains in time and no one was hurt.

In June 2012 a landslide had already overwhelmed the railroad line in Gurtnellen. Several thousand cubic meters of rocks had fallen on the tracks. Three people who had been working on rock consolidation there were buried by the landslide. One of them could only be found dead. This was the main reason for installing the ImpactSentinel warning system. Trains or people working on the track will be alarmed in case of a rock fall.

Rail traffic interrupted in both directions

Giant rock blocking the railroad line

Net that caught smaller rocks



27/10/2010 - Kaschirand

More sections of the railway net of the SBB are monitored of ImpactSentinel now - this time in Kaschirand.

wireless ImpactSentinel sensor on guard net in Kaschirand

solar-powered repeaters allow big ranges of the sensor signals

ImpactSentinel sensors - even reliable in extreme weather conditions



18/03/2010 - Debris flow in Veltheim

Guard nets for mudflows are checked in the test system in Veltheim. ImpactSentinel sensors are used here as well.

guard net for mudflows with ImpactSentinel sensors (Geobrugg test system, picture 1/3)

impacting mudflow (Geobrugg test system, picture 2/3)

caught mudflow (Geobrugg test system, picture 3/3)




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