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17/11/2010 - Flamatt

To secure the railway section near Flamatt, ImpactSentinel sensors were installed in the safety fence and directly integrated in the electronic alarm system of the SBB and thus the already existing system enlarged.

If a rock fall is detected, the ImpactSentinel sensors will activate a signal for slow approach for trains via the alarm system of the SBB. At the same time, engineers of the GEOTEST AG, who service the unit, will be informed.

receiver with ISM antenna (centre-left)

System in Flamatt

receiver with LWL transmitter



05/11/2010 - St. Sulpice

The SBB uses the rock fall monitoring ImpactSentinel in St. Sulpice now as well. This is the first time that a completely autarkic system is applied, which is only operated through solar cells, because there is no power supply available. Four batteries are used for the storage of the power, furthermore an observation camera makes the operation even safer.

St. Sulpice

batteries for a secure power supply of a data logger

solar panels for the power supply of a data logger, a LAN switch and a video camera



27/10/2010 - Kaschirand

More sections of the railway net of the SBB are monitored of ImpactSentinel now - this time in Kaschirand.

wireless ImpactSentinel sensor on guard net in Kaschirand

solar-powered repeaters allow big ranges of the sensor signals

ImpactSentinel sensors - even reliable in extreme weather conditions



18/03/2010 - Debris flow in Veltheim

Guard nets for mudflows are checked in the test system in Veltheim. ImpactSentinel sensors are used here as well.

guard net for mudflows with ImpactSentinel sensors (Geobrugg test system, picture 1/3)

impacting mudflow (Geobrugg test system, picture 2/3)

caught mudflow (Geobrugg test system, picture 3/3)




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