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19/02/2008 - Rock fall monitoring along the SBB railway line section Bern – Lausanne (CH) next to Flamatt

Heavy thunderstorms in August 2008 eroded and sloped the railway line. To secure the building site while reconstructing and for a permanent protection of the section, ImpactSentinel sensors were installed in the safety fence and on specific sensor nets – directly integrated in the electronic alarm system of the SBB.

land slide in Flamatt

guard nets above the train station of Flamatt secured of ImpactSentinel

safety fence monitored by ImpactSentinel sensors



01/12/2007 - Avalanche protection in Palfau

Novel avalanche guard nets were installed in a test site in Palfau. The electronic measuring device for the determination of occuring forces uses HazardSentinel avalanche detectors for the automatic start of a measurement. The measured data are transmitted directly during an avalanche to the university of Innsbruck. The whole electronic measuring system was installed of ProtectSentinel.

avalanche guard net with force meter near Palfau

force meter unit in Palfau with data logger, video system and GSM data transmission

wireless HazardSentinel avalanche detector



30/01/2007 - Rock fall monitoring along the railway line near Flamatt

Since 2007 a train of the Rhaetischen Bahn derailed there after a rock fall, this section is protected of guard nets monitored of ImpactSentinel sensors

train accident near Valendas because of land slide

Geobrugg guard net with ImpactSentinel sensors

train on repaired and secured railway line near Valendas




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